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LONDON PET CARE, 10 Bond Street, London, W2H 4QS
T: 070 3370 1000 | E: reception@example.com | Mo – Sat: 8am – 6pm

Dr. Emily Feld

Veterinarian & Surgeon

About the Clinic

Pet Care Clinic has been providing compassionate and quality veterinary care in London and surrounding communities since 1979. Each year, our veterinary team attends over 150 hours of continuing education to provide your animals with the most current medical and surgical care.

We work to be the most trusted and respected pet care provider in our community by administering the best possible medical care to every patient and giving every pet owner outstanding service.

Our Services

We’re proud to provide exceptional veterinary and boarding services for your loved ones.

Preventative care helps pets stay healthy year after year. See what we have to offer to make that possible!

Vaccinating your pet gives them a high level of protection against illness and makes it harder for diseases to spread.

Your pet’s clean teeth and healthy gums won’t last long without regular dental care. Not sure where to start? Just talk to us.

If your pet needs to be spayed/neutered or has an existing problem that requires surgical care, our dedicated surgery suite can meet their needs.

Spaying and neutering can help pets live longer while also preventing unplanned animal pregnancies.

Additional information

Download our brochure for more details.

Company Accreditations

We are AAHA certified! How does that affect you? With over 1,900 different criteria covering medicine, surgery, diagnostics, and more, AAHA clinics are regularly evaluated to be sure that the standards set forth by AAHA are met and sustained. Therefore, you are provided with the highest level of care possible.


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